Win Biologics was founded with building carbon soil biology in mind. How can we unlock secrets of soil that have existed long before agriculture? While Win Biologics has some micronutrients available and access to traditional chemistry, there are many research projects focusing on altering tank mix chemistry to better support the biology of our soil.


Products & Supplies 
Our products are made up of micronutrients, humic acid, fuvic acid, amino acids, seaweed, sugars, solvents, stickers, nitrogen efficiency products, bio stimulants, plant growth regulators, worm castings, and other ingredients that will be sourced to help bring nutrients and efficiencies to the farm.

Consulting services
Source, test, and provide the Regenerative Ag focused micronutrients, nutrient enhancement technology, and surfactants that work on building soil and the biology in our soil. Fertilizer recommendations will be provided by university, retailer, farmer, or crop consultant.