Trade Show

Visit the trade show with vendors who have practical applications for farmers regarding soil health.
Exclusive trade show time allows producers to interact with companies who will share new solutions on how soil health can impact farm productivity.

Soil Health U Trade Show Map

Soil Health U partners 2019:
Floor Space B1: Surefire Ag
Floor Space B2A: Surefire Ag
Floor Space B2B: VAP Construction
Floor Space B3A:Harper Industries
Floor Space B3B:Organic Solutions
Floor Space B4A: JD Skiles
Floor Space B4B: Woofter Construction
Floor Space B5: Sieker Sales
Floor Space B7: Case IH

Booth 4: Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc.
Booth 5: Cheyenne Trail Ranch LLC
Booth 6: Natures Formula
Booth 7: Phillips Farm Seed
Booth 8: Grower’s Source
Booth 9: Grower’s Source
Booth 10: Scarab International
Booth 11: Yoder Construction
Booth 12: Yoder Construction
Booth 13: Yoder Construction
Booth 17: Phillips Insurance
Booth 18: Kansas Forest Service
Booth 19: Ocean Blue Agronomics
Booth 20: CSTK
Booth 21: CSTK
Booth 22: Crop Quest, Inc.
Booth 23: Martin Till
Booth 24: Martin Till
Booth 25: Martin Till
Booth 26: Sure Crop Liquid Fertilizer
Booth 27: Agnition
Booth 28: Polansky Seed
Booth 29: Medina Ag
Booth 30: Star Seed Incorporated
Booth 31: Star Seed Incorporated
Booth 32: IntelliFarms
Booth 33: IntelliFarms
Booth 34: Heartland Genetics
Booth 35: Ward Labs
Booth 36: Heartland Soil Services
Booth 37: USDA
Booth 38: Shield Agricultural Equipment
Booth 39: Kauffman Seed
Booth 40: Kauffman Seed
Booth 41: AgroLiquid/
Booth 42: Modern Woodmen of America
Booth 43: Hefty Seed
Booth 44: Cropbuilders
Booth 45: Cropbuilders
Booth 46: Coy Enterprise
Booth 47: Sharp Bros. Seed Co.
Booth 48: KFSA
Booth 49: Shelbourne Reynolds
Booth 50: Hoegemeyer Hybrids
Booth 51: Heinrichs Harvesting
Booth 52: Warner Seeds
Booth 53: Midwest Ag Professionals
Booth 54: EGE Products
Booth 56: Green Cover Seeds
Booth 57: Natural Ag Solutions LLC
Booth 58: LG Seeds
Booth 59: Servi-Tech
Booth 60: SW Seed
Booth 61: Re/Max Pro
Booth 63: Frieling Ag Solutions LLC
Booth 64: Titan International
Booth 65: FCS Manufacturing
Booth 66: Exapta Solutions Inc.
Booth 67: Horsch Trailer Sales