Ted & Brian Alexander

Ted & Brian Alexander

Alexander Ranch, located in Barber County, Kansas, aims to manage all integrated resources in order to maximize the production of protein, shape a harmonious existence with nature and maintain economic viability.

Ted Alexander spent the early years of his life on the Skinner Ranch north of Lake City, Kansas, moving to southwestern Missouri at the start of high school. He earned undergraduate degrees at Southwest Missouri State College, a master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma and taught at the university level before returning to the Skinner Ranch, along Highway 160 between Medicine Lodge and Coldwater in south central Kansas.

His son, Brian, returned to the ranch in 2006 and now manages the day-to-day operations. Ted’s daughter, Mona, pursues a career in the United State Air Force.

Different types of grazing systems have been implemented to increase production of the desirable forages, control rest, recovery periods and degree of forage use. Brian is an early adapter of “PastureMap,” which allows the use of an iPad to keep grazing records.

Ted Alexander has received numerous accolades and awards for his years of conservation work in the Red Hills and beyond. He has opened his ranch for field tours for local, state, and national organizations for many years. He has given many presentations about holistic land management. The focus of his life’s work in ranching has always related to soil health and the improvement of the prairie ecosystem.