Robin Griffeth

Robin Griffeth

Robin Griffeth deals in solar energy as well as water management. His solar collectors are living plants. The water comes from rainfall, which is also managed with living plants.

I am better known as a farmer. Deb and I have been married for 42 years. Our two sons and one daughter have given us nine grandchildren.

We have spent our entire lives in this farming thing and I am as everyone else: “I want to leave the land better than I found it.”
(But is it really better than I found it, or did that phrase just make me feel better about myself?)

So there began the “soil health” journey: 44 years farming, 22 of which have been no-till, and 15 years double crop or cover crop.

I truly believe that a living plant must be in the soil as much as possible. The balance between soil health and commodity production must be achieved.