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A 2-day event providing high-quality instruction to teach High Plains farmers and ranchers how to sustainably maximize profit from every acre of land.

Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown

Gabe is one of the pioneers of the current soil health movement which focuses on the regeneration of
our resources.

Gabe, along with his wife Shelly, and son Paul, own and operate a diversified 5,000-acre farm and ranch
near Bismarck, ND. Their ranch focuses on farming and ranching in nature’s image.

The Browns holistically integrate their grazing and no-till cropping systems, which include a wide variety
of cash crops, multi-species cover crops along with all natural grass-finished beef and lamb. They also
raise pastured laying hens, broilers, and swine. This diversity and integration have regenerated the
natural resources on the ranch without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.

The Browns are part owners of a state inspected abattoir which allows them to direct market their
products. They believe that healthy soil leads to clean air, clean water, healthy plants, animals and

Over 2,000 people visit the Brown’s Ranch annually to see this unique operation. They have had visitors
from all 50 states and 21 foreign countries.

Gabe is a partner along with Ray Archuletta, David Brandt and Dr. Allen Williams in Soil Health
Consulting, LLC and Soil Health

Del Ficke

Del Ficke

Del Ficke is the manager of Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics®. He also connects family
farms and ranches with the resources they need to do proper legacy planning. With more than 35 years
of experience as both an agriculturist and cattleman, Del has developed a one-of-a-kind trademarked
breed of composite cattle, the Graze Master.

Del has spent the last several years transitioning his farming operation back to what he calls, “a more
holistic, sensible and profitable approach that is both modern and historically-based in both concept and
philosophy.” He is restoring the soils to their more natural state and has transformed commodity-driven
cropland back into native pastures as well as adopted a mob-grazing approach to cattle raising. Del has
sold cattle genetics as well as consulted throughout the nation and internationally.

In addition to his production agricultural pursuits, Del has experience managing a medical clinic in
Lincoln, Neb. and he has also held numerous leadership positions in agricultural associations and in
agricultural business. Del and his wife Brenda live on the fifth-generation farm near Pleasant Dale, Neb.
with their daughter Emily, son Austin and his wife Alyssa and their daughter Attley.

Reach Del at (402) 499-0329 or email You can learn more about Del’s pursuits
on Facebook at and